Campervan facts: The fun and the barely believable! [Infographic]

Still manufactured in Brazil, the iconic VW T2 campervan (or Kombi as it’s also known by) is as popular as ever. Attracting many celebrity owners, over 10 million have been built since its initial design in 1948. Joined end to end, that’s enough to circle the earth! Rent a Camper takes a look at some [...]

VW Kombi Southern Contingent Summer Picnic – Wiltshire 2012

Finally!… Some decent weather, and what better way to enjoy the sun that with a group of friends, a picnic, some kites and a load of juggling gear! Six owners met-up at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire to talk Kombi and have some fun in the sun. Barbury Castle is one of several iron age forts [...]

Campervan names: what’s yours called?

For some people, campervan names are irrelevant; it’s just ‘the camper’. For others, it might be ‘the Vee Dub’. But for many more, their campervan has a proper name; mostly printable, usually affectionate and often feminine. What’s in a name? What prompts normally sane, rational people to bestow a name, even a personality, on an [...]

CamperJam 2012 Photos

Despite the rain and Glastonbury quantities of mud, 2012 CamperJam was a great success. Lulu joined her Kombi brothers & sisters in the Brazilian VW Bay club area and the inclement weather certainly failed to dampen everyone’s spirits. Well, the Kombi disco, various flavours of vodka, mojito cocktails, cakes, buns and Kitemans flaming balls of [...]