Campervan names: what’s yours called?

Campervan names: what’s yours called?

For some people, campervan names are irrelevant; it’s just ‘the camper’. For others, it might be ‘the Vee Dub’. But for many more, their campervan has a proper name; mostly printable, usually affectionate and often feminine.

What’s in a name?

What prompts normally sane, rational people to bestow a name, even a personality, on an inanimate object? In the case of campers, surely it’s because the ‘van is more than a vehicle – it also represents a means of escape, a release from routine, the promise of new views and experiences, a chance to decide on a whim how and where you spend your days and nights. It’s the route to the sun, and a refuge when the rain inevitably follows.

Building a bond

For all these reasons, it’s easy to build an emotional bond with your campervan. Which means that referring to it unemotionally seems almost a betrayal of trust. When you’re crawling fully laden up Porlock Hill or slithering tentatively down a muddy lane to a festival, saying, “Come on BX54 VNY” or “You can do it, 1.7 litre Type 2” isn’t going to weave any magic.

That’s why we have campervan names.  And though some may be content with ‘Victor the VW’ or ‘Connie the Camper’, campervan owners are by nature an adventurous bunch, which is reflected in their choice of campervan names.

Brilliant or barking?

We’ve collated over a hundred campervan names that have caught our attention, raised a smile or prompted the bewildered raising of an eyebrow. Imaginative, playful, lateral and just downright weird, we love them, which made it hard to pick a Top Ten. Take a look at our list of 100 favourite campervan names, and feel free to tell us (a) we’re discerning and have excellent taste or (b) we’re complete chumps who’ve missed all the best ones.

Can you do better?

Better still, tell us what your camper’s called, and (if you dare) why? Tell us the most inspiring, beguiling or obscure name you’ve ever heard imposed on an innocent campervan. Or even the most baffling, inappropriate moniker.

Our top ten campervan names

We don’t promise prizes, but if you make us grin, chuckle, snort or sigh we’ll post your selections and suggestions here. To start the ball rolling here’s our Top Ten campervan names – and remember, it’s not just our twisted minds that are responsible; someone had to think of them first.

  1. Denise (Van Outing)
  2. Jean-Claude (Damn Van)
  3. Myfanwy (My Van Wee)
  4. Thunderpig
  5. Frankenbus
  6. Herman (The German)
  7. Bananabus
  8. Rustfalia
  9. Bugsy
  10. Lulu (we had to include our own).