Hire of Camper Vans – Our Terms

This Agreement is made between I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd, t/a rentacamper.co.uk (Company Number: 5225707) and the person completing the online booking form.

The following are the General Terms & Conditions of hire between the Hirer and rentacamper.co.uk. The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions govern your use of our van and are not transferable by you. You acknowledge that the van is owned by us and that any attempted transfer or sub letting of the van by anyone other than us is prohibited and a criminal offence. You should not make any representation that may lead third parties to believe otherwise. We permit you to use the van on the terms of this Rental Agreement only.

Except as otherwise stated, the following words, terms and phrases have the following meanings in this document:

  • Rental Agreement means these general terms, together with all and any other documents expressly referred to in this Agreement including insurance documents.
  • The Campervan means the vehicle hired to you under the Rental Agreement, together with all tyres, accessories, soft furnishings and equipment.
  • Security Deposit shall mean the sum of £750.00.
  • Booking Deposit shall mean the non-refundable sum of £150.00.
  • All references to ‘I’,'me’ and ‘my’ refers jointly and severally to the person or persons who are the customers and who sign Hire Agreement
  • All references to “rentacamper.co.uk”, “we” and “us” means I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd.

rentacamper.co.uk hires the van to you, subject to the Rental Agreement which incorporates these Terms and Conditions and the information and conditions contained on the Booking Form that you completed and signed on paper. In entering into this ag reement you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you will strictly comply with them. The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions govern your use of our van and are not transferable by you.

We permit you to use the van on the terms of this Rental Agreement only.


We will acknowledge receipt of your booking request without undue delay by email. You agree that all notices, agreements, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any requirement that such communications be in writing. Please note that our acknowledgement of receipt of your booking request  is not our acceptance of your booking, which we will send separately.

The booking form must be completed and sent to us with a non-refundable booking deposit of £150.00, payable by cheque or credit / debit card. Cheques should be made payable to I.T. Magic (UK) Ltd.

The balance of the hire charge (full charge less deposit) is due 28 days (4 weeks) before the start of the rental period. We will not release the vehicle to you if payment has not been received in full. The balance of the hire charge must be made by credit or debit card.

We cannot accept any payments in cash.

If we need to adjust the price of your rental to take account of any changes in VAT, insurance adjustments or errors or omissions on our website, we will notify you by email and allow you the opportunity to cancel your booking without cost or penalty.

A security deposit of £750 is payable (by credit or debit card) on collection of the van. We will pre-authorise your credit / debit card for this amount, but not debit your account.

At our discretion, we may ask a third party to provide a credit / fraud report on the basis of the credit / debit card information and any other personal details that you provide.

For late bookings (less than 4 weeks before the hire start date), the full balance is payable on booking.

We reserve the right to refuse any hire. No refunds are payable on accommodation, or our van not being available where you change, cancel or seek to vary the Agreement after departure. We take no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage that you might experience no matter how it is caused or by whom.

We reserve the right to refuse rental of our van if you have received an endorsement for dangerous driving, driving whilst drunk or on drugs, theft or unauthorised taking of vehicles. We also reserve the right of refusal if you have been disqualified from driving for 12 months or more, or if you have more than 6 current points on your licence (minor offences only). If any of the following emdorsements appear on your driving licence then we will be unable to rent our van to you: AC, BA, CD, DD, DR, IN, UT AND TT (within 5 years of offence). Also two or more periods of disqualification. Endorsements on licences will be taken from the date of conviction, not from the date of the offence. Please note that a disqualification over 5 years old is acceptable even if it is still showing on your licence. If you have placed an order with us when you have such endorsements, we will not be required to refund any payments made by you.


In the event of a cancellation, the following applies:

  • Cancellations between the time of confirmed reservation and 42 days before the rental period, we will retain the booking deposit
  • cancellations between 42 and 14 days of start of the rental period, a fee of 50% of the balance of the payable hire charge will be payable
  • cancellations less than 14 days before the rental period commences – 100% of the total hire charges are forfeited.

If in the event of you having to cancel your booking, we will do our very best to rehire the van to another customer.  If we are able to rebook the van for the same period, we will refund any cancellation fees, except the booking deposit.

If you change your booking date, you may re-use your booking deposit for a period of 1 year from receipt. After 12 months, your booking deposit will be forfeited.

Security Deposit

We will pre-authorise your credit / debit card with a security deposit of £750. This means that although we won’t physically debit your account, we know the funds are available to cover any damage or losses. We will release the security deposit on safe return of the van, in the condition in which it left our premises (with the interior clean, including all cooking utensils and appliances) subject to satisfactory inspection by us. The security deposit covers the possibility of any damage (whether negligent, wilful, accidental or otherwise) or loss to the van or the fixtures and fittings therein or the living equipment and windows, wheels, tyres etc included with the van. The van and all its equipment must be returned in good condition, with no damage to it, its contents or any third party property. The van must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

Your security deposit will normally be released within 7 days of the end of the rental period (as long as terms and conditions are met), allowing for speeding tickets, parking fines, congestion charges and any other costs to reach us. You will be responsible for any costs of parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst you rent the vehicle. We reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for administration and time incurred in the processing of any fines / penalties. Our administration charge rate is currently £25 + VAT.

If there is any damage to the vehicle, its fixtures, fittings or accessories that require replacement, repair or special cleaning, the costs will be deducted from the security deposit before the balance is returned to you. You irrevocably authorise us to deduct from the Security Deposit any amounts due to us arising out of this Agreement. You agree irrevocably to pay all charges upon request. In the event that there is a claim we reserve the right to retain the security deposit for such period as is necessary to quantify the charges incurred which are to be deducted from the deposit.

The security deposit will be used towards funding any loss or damage whatsoever to the van, equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as payment for the insurance excess.

If the security deposit is insufficient to cover the costs of repair, replacement or cleaning, you will pay any additional amounts due. We will provide you with an itemised invoice showing all amounts due. You authorise us to deduct any sums due from your card in respect of any amount invoiced. Your signature on the rental agreement gives us permission to deduct all fees from your card following the issue of an invoice. If we are not holding your card information then you agree you to pay all charges upon presentation of the invoice.


If you arrive to collect our van and your licence turns out to be unacceptable due to non-disclosure, additional endorsements or defacement, we will be unable to hire our vehicle to you and no monies will be refunded. The charges stated on the rental invoice reflect your use of the van during the rental period and include basic hire charges, insurance, charges for any optional or ancillary services chosen by you and VAT at the prevailing rate. Additional charges may arise from your use of the van during the rental period, and may include (but are not limited to) loss of or damage to the van and its contents during the rental period and/or until the van is examined, the insurance excess, refuelling service charge and fuel cost, any late return charge, extra cleaning charge and any road tolls or fines for charges arising from traffic or parking offences during the rental period. All charges are subject to final calculation within 14 days of the end of the rental period.

In some cases, we may incur additional charges for traffic convictions etc. These charges will be passed to you and will be notified in advance.

Payment of Fees and Charges

All fees, charges and expenses payable by you under this Agreement are due on demand by us. If payment is not settled within 7 calendar days we reserve the right to apply late payment charges of 3.5% per calendar month on the outstanding balance. Any collection costs incurred by ourselves and our agents, including reasonable legal fees, will also be added. When the booking group comprise of more than one person, each person is jointly and severally liable for all obligations of you pursuant to this Agreement.

Payment by Credit Card

Where payment is paid by credit card, you agree that:

  • we are irrevocably authorised to complete any documentation and to take any other action to recover from the credit card issuer all amounts due pursuant to this Agreement in respect of the Security Deposit and the hire charges payable;
  • you will indemnify and keep us indemnified against any loss incurred (including legal costs) by reason of notifying a credit card issuer of a dispute;
  • we may process the credit card voucher. In the event that we elect to accept payment of the Security Deposit by holding an open security payment (which may be cancelled 14 days after the completion of the Rental Period) you agree that we are entitled to obtain payment from the credit card issuer in respect of any amounts due which are not known at the time of cancelling the open security payment.


Our van has fully comprehensive insurance for the first named driver for the duration of your hire. Insurance for additional drivers will be quoted for separately. Insurance is only for our van. The interior equipment, tyres, underside, raising roof, windscreen, windows and other items as specified in the inventory are not covered by the Insurance and any damage will incur costs in addition to the Excess.

Failing to provide information may invalidate your insurance and render you liable for all losses howsoever sustained including claims by third parties.

We recommend that you take out your own personal effects and travel insurance to cover items not part of the insurance, last minute cancellations etc.

We are not responsible for any damage in connection with any accident or breakdown caused by you nor are we responsible for any loss from the van. Our insurance policy protects us and any authorised driver against legal claims from any other person or for death or personal injury or damage to any other person’s property caused by use of the van on the road, on condition you report all such incidents to us during the rental period (and you are using the van within the terms and conditions and those of our insurance company). The terms and conditions of our insurance company are included. In the event that any third party suffers death, personal injury or damage to property caused by use of the van which involves a breach by you or any authorised driver of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and that of our insurance policy, or our Health and Safety Guidelines, you agree to reimburse us if we are obliged to compensate (a) the insurers for any payment they make to a third party on your behalf and/or (b) any third party. Our Insurance Company terms and conditions will be sent to you by post or e-mail, and can be viewed at our offices.

You should not exceed the maximum number of passangers stated for the vehicle. If you do, the insurance will be invalid and you will be responsible for any payments that would have been normally made by the insurer.

Theft protection does not apply beyond the rental date agreed with us therefore if you do not return the vehicle on time you will be responsible for any costs that we may incur against any theft.


Our insurers may increase the excess payable by you if you have driving offences on your licence or have criminal convictions. We will inform you before the hire period commences of any increases in the excess the insurance company intends to make.

If an insurance claim is made, you are responsible for a £1,250.00 excess (or excess of a greater amount if you are notified before the rental period commences about such change to the excess due) which is due in each and every incident and includes loss or damage to equipment, fixtures and fittings or to third party property. The excess applies in respect of each claim.

The Insurance does not apply to windscreens, windows, wheels, tyres, the underside, the raising roof and the interior of the van, towing charges, fixtures, fittings or accessories as specified in the inventory or where the van is driven off road or on unsurfaced roads or without due care and attention, negligently, recklessly or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Your liability to pay the cost of the damage will therefore not be waived in these cases and you may be liable for the full cost. In respect of windscreen damage a separate policy excess charge of £500.00 may be levied.

Drivers’ Licence, Health and History

Drivers must be over 25 years of age and under 72, in good health and hold a full driving licence. “Good Health” means that you have no mental or physical disabilities which would interfere with your ability to drive, for example stroke/deafness/heart condition/diabetes/loss of limb/loss of sight in an eye/epilepsy. In addition you must not be taking drugs likely to affect your driving or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner for treatment of drug addiction.

You will need to have held a UK driving licence for at least 2 years or a European Union Licence for at least two years (UK residents must provide a UK licence – an international licence is not acceptable. It is a legal requirement for any non-UK resident to obtain a UK licence if they are driving in the UK for a period exceeding 3 years). We will require the driving licence numbers and other identification information for all those who intend to drive, when you make your booking. We will need to see the full driving licences for all named drivers with details of all endorsements, plus another 2 forms of identification such as passport and a recent utility bill (for each driver) on collection of the van. It is your responsibility to ensure that an appropriate driving licence and necessary paperwork is provided. This will be copied and the details retained by us in accordance with our privacy policy. No refunds will be given for rentals rejected due to non-production of an appropriate driving licence or paperwork.

A maximum of 3 drivers per rental is allowed by our insurers. You cannot drive away a van without us having sight of your licences and ID documents.

When you pick up your vehicle you must bring -

  • The e-mail confirmation from us that your booking has been accepted.
  • A valid driving licence (for each driver) – you must present both parts of the new two-part UK Drivers Licence.
  • 2 valid forms of ID for each driver (bearing your current home address which needs to be a mixture of either a bank statement, utility bill or council tax bill. The documentation must be no older than 3 months old prior to the start of the hire period and must be presented when collecting the vehicle. These must be original documents, as photocopies will not be accepted. Printed utility bills will also be accepted provided all the customer’s information – name and address etc is shown.
  • A valid credit/debit card

The van must only be driven by you or any other person who has first been authorised by us, for whom you have provided the insurance, driving licence and personal identification information. Failure to provide accurate information may invalidate the insurance and render you liable for all losses howsoever sustained including claims by third parties.

You warrant that all information supplied to us in connection with this agreement is true and complete. In particular, on collection of the van you warrant that information supplied with the original booking has not materially changed, including but not limited to the number of points on a driver’s licence.

Our Obligations

We will supply the van to you in good overall and operating condition, complete with all necessary documents, parts and accessories. You agree to return the van to us in the same condition as you rented it, subject to fair wear and tear, with the same documents, parts and accessories, at the location and on the date and time designated in this Rental Agreement or sooner upon demand by us. Failure to do so may result in further charges becoming due and payable by you.


You and we will check the condition of the van at the start of the rental term and on return of the vehicle. You acknowledge receipt of the van which appears, upon visual inspection, to be in good, clean condition and sound working order on collection. It is your responsibility to check the van for existing damage, upon collection of the vehicle and to inform us of such before you depart.

Collection and Return

When you arrive to collect the van, please ensure you allow at least an hour for us to show you around the van, how to drive the van, and how to operate the cooker, sink, fridge, roof, camping gas, heater, water storage, TV and all other accessories and to brief you on our health and safety guidelines. We will also need to complete the paperwork in that time. You will also need time to load your luggage into the van.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide a vehicle to you if, when attempting to collect the vehicle, you are, in our reasonable opinion, unfit to drive or you do not meet the eligibility requirements. In such case the contract will terminate immediately and, unless we rent the vehicle allocated to you to a third party for the relevant hire period, we will have no further liability towards you. We shall be under no obligation to take any steps to actively seek a third party to rent the vehicle allocated to you.


Our van must me returned to us by 11am as this is when insurance ends and it allows us sufficient time to prepare the vehicle for the next hire. Please consider the next hirer and the impact of if the late return it will have on their holiday.

If you think you are going to be late, you must notify us as soon as possible so that we can extend your insurance and liaise with the next hirer.

If at any time we have agreed that you may return the van to a place other than our premises, or if we have agreed to collect it, you will remain fully responsible for the van until it is collected by us or a representative sent by us. You are responsible for any costs incurred in returning the van to our premises should you abandon the vehicle.

We will not refund the hire charge if the van is returned prior to the return date due to weather, personal circumstances or any other reason whatsoever.

Late Return

If the van is returned after 11am, without our prior agreement, £75 per hour will be payable. You will also be affecting the holiday of the next person to hire the campervan. Should the late return of the van make us liable for extra costs, we reserve the right to pass on these costs to you. Charges and costs for late return will be deducted from your security deposit. By signing this Agreement you agree to us making such deductions. Should the late return be due to accident you will be liable for any revenue lost due to the van being unavailable for hire.

No refund is given for early return of the vehicle.


Please make sure the van is returned with a clean interior.

You agree that we are entitled to charge you an additional cost, if the van requires more than our standard cleaning on its return, to restore it to its pre-rental condition, allowing for fair wear and tear. There is a £50 cleaning charge if the van is returned excessively dirty.

There is no need to clean the outside of the van. Under no circumstances should you use a jet wash or put the van through an automatic car wash.

Occupying the Campervan

You must inform us on the booking form or subsequently in writing 7 days before the start of the rental period of the names and ages of all the people who will occupy the campervan during your stay. Failure to do so will be a breach of these Terms and Conditions and may invalidate insurance.

Engine Care

Please keep your speed below 60mph at all times. If there is damage or breakdown caused by your own actions, you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. This could be such things as pushing the engine too hard, or putting diesel in the petrol engine, or burning out the clutch. This list is not exhaustive.

You must take all reasonable and practicable steps to properly and safely maintain the camper including regular checks on; batteries, engine oil and other gauges, bulbs and tyre pressures and condition when driven more than 500 kms, refilling or replacing as necessary. If you cause damage to the engine through driving too fast (over 60 mph) over too long a period of time, and ignoring the warning lights, you will be liable for any transport costs, repairs required or even the cost of a replacement engine.


You agree that the tyres on the Van are visibly sound and appear within legal limits. Any damage or repair to tyres is your responsibility, unless it can be shown that damage is due to invisible defects in the manufacture of the tyre which are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, in which case we may reimburse you. For any reimbursement you must: a) Return the defective tyre to us for inspection and return; b) Produce appropriate receipts; and c) Accept the decision of the manufacturer as to whether reimbursement is made.

Health and Safety

You must follow the health and safety guidelines when operating the campervan and its appliances and when using any equipment in the campervan or tent. The instructions for using the van and its accessories and facilities including the health and safety guidelines are provided to you upon receipt of the van verbally, and are to be found in the campervan handbook in your campervan.
Seat Belts, Booster and Baby Seats

You must carry only as many passengers as there are seat belts in the van. You are legally responsible for obtaining and using an appropriate child or baby seat. For each child under 135 cms (4’5″ inches approx) or under 12 years of age you must use a booster seat or baby seat as appropriate. For further information visit

Information on correct fitting is shown on the underside of the booster seat; the fitting of any such equipment is the sole responsibility of you and we can accept no liability whatsoever for defective child or baby seats not supplied by us or the incorrect fitting by you.

Dos and Don’ts

You agree that you shall not:

  • Carry more passengers than the seat belt capacity of the van
  • use the van to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward
  • tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object
  • drive off road, on unsurfaced roads or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle
  • drive when it is overloaded or when loads are not properly secured
  • use the van for any illegal purpose, or carry any object or any substance which is illegal or, because of its condition or smell may harm the van and/or delay our ability to rent the van again
  • damage the van by immersion in water or contact with salt water
  • take part in any race, rally, test or other contest, drive or park in contravention of any traffic or other regulations
  • drive or allow to the van to be driven in restricted areas including, but not limited to, airport runways, airport service roads, and associated areas
  • undertake any driving training activity
  • put the van through a rotary car wash or use a power / jet wash
  • deliberately damage or tamper with the vehicle.

Extent of Hire

You must remain within the UK mainland during the extent of your hire. There is no restriction on mileage.


The fuel tank will be full on collection and must be returned to us full. An administration charge of £25.00, plus the cost of the missing fuel will be deducted from your security deposit if the van is returned with missing fuel. Our van runs on standard unleaded fuel or bio-ethanol. Under no circumstances should you confuse bio-desiel with bio-ethanol as doing so will cause severe engine damage, which you will be liable for. In addition, you must not use ‘super unleaded’ as this will also damage the engine.

Camping Gas

Camping gas is provided for the cooker. We will meet the cost of one additional cylinder of gas on production of a valid VAT receipt. We will not pay for an incorrect size or make of gas cylinder and will charge you £70 for replacing the incorrect size or make of gas cylinder.


It is illegal to smoke inside our van or tent. You will be liable for any damage or smoke contamination caused to the van, the tent or their contents through smoking.

Drinking Water

We cannot be held responsible for the cleanliness of drinking water obtained from various campsites and you are advised to check this with the site owners on arrival. Although the water supplied in the vehicle will be freshly drawn tap water on the day of your hire, we have to advise it is not drinking water. We do advise that you drink bottled water.


Pets are not allowed in our van or tent. You will be liable for any damage caused and additional cleaning fees to prepare the vehicle prior to the next hire.


You must look after the vehicle and the keys to the vehicle at all times. You must not leave the keys unattended at any time. In the event that keys are lost or damaged you will be liable for the reasonable costs of obtaining replacement keys, and any costs associated with providing the keys to you during the hire period . You must lock the van at all times when not in use.

Your Car

During the period of your hire, we will happily store your car on our large private driveway, monitored by 24 hour CCTV. Whilst we will take all necessary care whilst your vehicle is on our premises, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the hire period.

Use of the Van

You are authorised to drive the van on the conditions of this Agreement including, at all times, to use the van in a responsible manner. If you do not comply with these conditions, you will be liable to us for any liability or loss incurred by us or any damages or reasonable expenses we suffer or incur as a result of your breach of the Agreement. We reserve the right to take back the van at any time, and at your expense, if you are in breach of this Agreement. You must look after the vehicle, make sure it is locked, secure and parked in a safe place when not in use. You must remove and keep in a safe place any removable radio and/or radio/CD face plate when the van is unoccupied. You must use seat belts, child seats and other child restraints as appropriate and required by law.

Loss or Damage

You will be liable to us for all losses and costs incurred by us in the event of loss, damage to or theft of the vehicle, its parts or accessories, while on rental, if this damage, loss or theft involves the deception of or by you or another party, or as a result of the keys remaining in the van whilst it is unoccupied, or was caused intentionally or negligently by you or your party. Your liability may include the cost of repairs, loss in value of the vehicle, loss of rental income, towing and storage charges and an administration charge, which recovers our costs for handling any claim arising from damage caused to the van unless responsibility for the damage lies with us or has been determined by a third party or their insurers to lie with the third party. You will not be liable to us for any charge or excess if the loss or damage is directly due to our negligence or our breach of this Rental Agreement. You will be liable for the loss or damage to any in- car entertainment equipment – cover for these items (i.e. the CD player) is not provided by our insurers.


If you have any difficulties report these immediately to us. In the event of breakdown, recovery or repair services will be provided. All our vans have AA relay. If you incur any minor repair bills (reasonably incurred rectifying mechanical failure to the drive train and engine of the vehicle) we will reimburse you up to £50. This will not include repairs to the water system, refrigerator, heater and audio equipment. Just produce your valid VAT receipt on the completion of your hire (provided the hirer was not directly responsible for any damage). Repairs costing in excess of £50 must be authorised by us PRIOR to the work being undertaken.

We cannot accept liability for any costs arising from accident, breakdown or any other cause, e.g., replacement van costs, travel, accommodation, telephone calls, etc. Our liability extends to refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle. You will need to return to our premises, at your own cost, but preferably with the AA Relay service returning the camper van. If you have caused the breakdown through your own actions you will be liable for all costs incurred and we will not refund you any unused days of hire. If you have broken down you must remain at a safe distance from the van until the AA Recovery Vehicle arrives. You may not abandon the van at the roadside. You must hand over the keys to the authorised AA Recovery Vehicle Driver. If you abandon the vehicle, we will deduct any transport and labour costs incurred in returning the van to our workshop and any costs arising from loss or damage to the van whilst it is unattended from your Security Deposit.

Accidents, theft and vandalism

You must, where possible, report any traffic accident involving the van to the police (and us) as soon as practicable and report loss, damage or theft involving the van to the police (and us) within 24 hours of the incident  or discovery of the incident. Our insurance requires that you must not admit to any liability, release any party from liability, settle any claim or accept any disclaimer in the event of the accident, but should, if possible, take the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses, car registration numbers, together with all the details of the accident, time, place, how it came about, damage to vehicles etc. If you have a camera, take photos of the scene. Please do not move the vehicles before the police arrive, as long as keeping them in situ is a safe thing to do.

An accident or theft report form must always be completed and submitted to us when you return the van or within 3 days of return of the vehicle, containing all the above information, plus diagrams if possible. In the event of theft, you must return the keys to us where possible. You agree to co-operate with us and our insurers in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings, providing evidence and attending court if necessary, arising out of any loss of or damage to the vehicle.

Return of items left in the camper van

We will be happy to return any belongings left in the camper van. There is an administration charge of £10 plus postage and packing. This will be deducted from your security deposit or invoiced as necessary.
Your Liabilities

You are personally liable for all road tolls, fines and legal penalties (e.g., parking tickets, speeding) which are incurred during your period of hire. Any charges subsequently notified to us, will be immediately invoiced to you and we will require payment within 14 days. If we are still holding your security deposit at this time, we will deduct this sum from that deposit. By signing this Agreement, you accept this. You are liable for any losses or damage caused by you and/or your group and we cannot accept liability for any losses or damage or liability caused by you to yourselves or third parties, or their property.

You are liable for any damage above cab height – you are fully responsible for damage caused by failure to assess the height of the van and striking overhead or overhanging objects. You will indemnify us against any liability, caused by damage to overhead or overhanging objects and subsequent damage to third parties and their property. You will also be responsible for any damage to third parties and their property that arises through your negligence; for example and without limitation: damage caused through loaded luggage and cycles.

You must use the van and its contents responsibly and comply with our instructions and Health and Safety Guidelines. Where no instructions or advice or guidelines are given you must assume that ‘normal’ and ‘common sense’ rules apply.

Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

If you commit a breach of these Terms and Conditions or our Health and Safety Guidelines, we will have the right to terminate your booking without notification, and if you are already in the van, we may require you to return or vacate it immediately. In the event of you committing a breach of these Terms and Conditions no refund of the fees you have paid will be returnable to you. You will also be liable for any costs incurred in returning the van to our premises. Breaches in our Terms & Conditions or Health and Safety Guidelines may invalidate your insurance and you will be liable for all losses howsoever sustained including claims by third parties.

Our Liability to You

We will only be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any member of your party or to your or their property, where such loss or damage is due to our negligence. Except in the case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, our total liability to you in respect of any breach of these Terms and Conditions or tort or other act or omission by us in connection with this contract shall be limited in aggregate to the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the van for the period agreed.

Where you are a customer acting in the course of a business, this paragraph shall apply instead of the one above. (You will have obtained our permission and that of our insurance company to use the van for business purposes.) We do not accept liability to customers acting in the course of a business for losses of profits, business, contracts, goodwill, anticipated savings, expenses, or other similar losses, for any reason whatsoever. To the extent permitted by law and except in the case of personal injury or death resulting from our negligence, the maximum limit of our liability to business customers, whether in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall be the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the van for the period agreed.

We will supply the vehicle free from mechanical defects for the period of the rental agreed in the order confirmation. This guarantee does not cover repairs, replacements, adjustments or other works that are necessary as a result of:-

  • wilful or accidental damage, misuse or neglect by you; or
  • unauthorised alterations or additions; or
  • any unforeseeable circumstances which are not due to our fault or negligence; or
  • any attempted repair which you have made without our approval; or
  • any failure to follow our instructions.

We shall not be held responsible for you or any of your party driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. If we do suffer damages as a result of your actions, you agree to indemnify us against all losses, costs, expenses or liability we may incur in respect of your or your party’s actions.

Whole Agreement These Terms and Conditions override and supersede all previous versions and any previous course of dealing between the parties and incorporate the whole Agreement together with any insurance conditions notified to you at the time of hire or collection (and which are available to view at our premises). In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other of our literature, whether found in our brochure or on our website or otherwise, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions will prevail. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is prohibited by law or judged by a court to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the provision shall, to the extent required, be severed from this Agreement and rendered ineffective as far as possible without modifying the remaining provisions of this Agreement, and shall not in any way affect any other circumstances of or the validity or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions.
Personal Data When you book your campervan, we collect personal information such as your name, email address, home address, telephone number, credit or debit card number, security code and the card’s expiry date. This allows us to book the campervan and insurance for you. We will also collect non-transactional data should you enter a competition, request a brochure or take part in a survey, for example. We may use the information that we collect to occasionally notify you about news and information we think you may find valuable. For example, we may send you our latest brochure, supplements, newsletters and special offers. If at any stage you decide that you would rather not receive such information, please contact us by telephone, email or post. We reveal your identity information to our insurance company. We will not sell your information to another company.

If you are uncertain as to your rights under these terms and conditions or you want an explanation about them please contact us.

In the event that you have any cause for complaint with regard to the services provided please click on the “contact us” tab at the top of our website page. We will investigate your complaint and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Governing law and jurisdiction We and you agree that the Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. We and you irrevocably agree that the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the Agreement or its subject matter.