Lulu our T2 camper is born

Lulu our T2 camper is born

Here’s Lulu, prior to her conversion to the beautiful babe she is now.

At this stage, her interior is being fitted. The units, hob and fridge are in and the double rock ‘n’ roll bed is in the process of being installed. As you can see, she doesn’t have her lovely red coat on yet. In fact, when this photo was taken we hadn’t 100% decided on the colour!

In case you’re not familiar with the ‘modern’ VW T2 camper van (or Kombi as it’s otherwise known), they are still in production in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Built as mini buses, they are imported into the UK, converted to right-hand drive and kitted out with all the essentials needed for that retro camping experience.

Due to Brazillian environmental emmission laws, the Kombi engine is now a modern, water-cooled unit that runs on both unleaded and bio-ethonal fuel. More fuel efficient than the original air-cooled engine, the Kombi now turns a comfortable 35mpg.

So, not long before Lulu arrives! There are exciting times ahead!