Renting a Camper Van FAQs

We want your camper van hire to be easy and fun. We hope you find the answers to your questions here, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please phone or email us.




Where are you located?

We are based in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. We’re only 10 minutes from Junction 16 of the M4 and are accessible from all over the country.

What are your office hours?

10am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, but you can email us anytime. When you hire Lulu, we’ll give you an out of hours telephone number (just in case you need it).


About Lulu, our VW camper van


How many people does your camper van accommodate?

Lulu carries and sleeps four people. For driving, two in the front and two in the back, all with fitted seatbelts. There’s a removable table so you can sit together for meals. For sleeping, the rock’n’roll sofa converts into a double bed and the pop up roof sleeps two children with a maximum combined weight of 16 stone.

What seat belts are fitted and are they suitable for children?

There are four fitted seat belts: three 3-point belts (two in front and one in the back) and one 4-point harness seat belt in the back.

We have a small baby, will a cot fit?

Yes, a small travel cot should fit on the floor. If you have a baby, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

What’s included in the hire?

Our hire features: full AA Roadside and Recovery cover, FREE Wi-Fi, TV/DVD player, Sat Nav, an independent heater in case it’s chilly in the evenings, a bike rack for up to four bikes, four camping chairs, and a port-a-loo and loo roll to save stumbling across the campsite in the dark!

Lulu has a 240v mains hook up with standard 3-pin mains sockets, a 12v leisure battery, 4 fitted seat belts, curtains and silver sun window reflectors, a selection of board games and children’s books.

Bedding: Duvet, pillows and linen for the double rock’n’roll bed, sleeping bags with liners for the roof bed (we provide pillow cases for the cushions so they double as pillows for the roof bed, unless you’d prefer to bring your own).

Kitchen: Gas hob, grill and fridge, sink, kettle, saucepans, grill pan, sink bowl, plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses and mugs for 4, wooden spoons, spatula, corkscrew, tin opener, oven tongs, colander, chopping boards, sharp knife, oven glove, tea towels, measuring jug, salt and pepper, wipe clean table cloth for the stow away table, dustpan and brush, and all cleaning cloths and products (i.e. washing up liquid, anti-bac spray etc), washing line, pole and pegs.

Can we bring our bikes?

Certainly! We can supply you with a bike rack that can carry up to 4 bikes comfortably. If you don’t need it, please let us know and we’ll take it off.

Are there any extras?

We have two extras, a drive-away awning that attaches to the side of the van to provide extra sleeping/living room, and a hamper to stock the fridge for your first evening meal and breakfast the following morning. It’s yummy and saves you having to find a shop! There’s a small extra cost, please see our camper van hire rates page for more detail.

How many people can drive the camper?

You can have up to three named drivers for the camper. Each driver needs to be between 25 and 70, with a full driving licence held for at least a year. If any driver has points on their licence, please phone us first.

Which documents do I need to bring?

When you pick up the camper, each driver will need to show us their driving licence (both parts if you have a photocard licence) and a recent utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement, showing the same address as the licence.

Will you give me hints on driving the van and show me her controls and features?

Of course. We’ll introduce you to Lulu and show you everything you need to know, so you’ll get along fine. We recommend you allow about an hour to do this and sort out the paperwork. We’ll put the kettle on!

What fuel does the van take?

Ordinary unleaded (95 RON) and, where available, E85 bio-ethanol (NOT bio-deisel!).

What is a VW camper van like to drive?

Lots of fun! Lulu is a mix of modern and classic, so it all adds to the adventure. You sit high up with a great view around you. The steering might be a bit heavier than you’re used to, but you’ll soon acclimatise. She has a 4-speed manual gearbox which is easy to use. She’s not fast, but you want to see the countryside, don’t you? About 50 mph is a nice comfortable cruising speed. She’s happier (and quieter, and uses less fuel) if you don’t go above 60mph.

Can we come and see the camper van before we book?

Yes, you’re welcome to come and admire her. Please phone first to arrange a convenient day and time, so we can make sure she’s at home and not out on an adventure!


About the hire and renting a camper van from us


Can I take the camper van abroad?

No, sorry, our insurance only covers you for the UK mainland. Besides, Lulu gets seasick on ferries.

Are there any mileage restrictions?

No, so long as you stick to the UK, you can take Lulu as far as you want! Being realistic, as Lulu is most comfortable travelling at 55mph, you should plan to travel no more than around 150 per day.

Can we bring our dog / ferret / Vietnamese pot bellied pig?

Although we’d love to see your pets, sorry, we don’t allow them in the camper van. Perhaps they could have a holiday too, with a friend or neighbour?

What time can we collect the camper van?

You can pick up Lulu from 3.00pm – please allow about an hour after arrival to complete all paperwork and give us time to show you her controls features before you set off.

What time does she have to be returned?

Lulu likes to be home by 11.00am. We need to get your feedback and check everything was great for you. We also have a limited time between hires to make sure she’s ready for her next happy campers, so if you bring her home late we have to add a £** per half hour / hour late return fee.

What do we need to bring?

Lulu is fully equipped – please see ‘What’s included?’ for a full list. The main things you’ll need to bring are clothes, wash bag, any personal items, any DVDs that you / your child(ren) would like to watch, and a happy holiday smile.

Do you provide bedding and towels?

We provide pillows, duvet and sheets for the rock’n’roll bed. We’re happy to provide freshly laundered sleeping bag liners with sleeping bags for the roof bed, but we completely understand if your child(ren) would prefer to use their own special sleeping bag and / or pillow. Please let us know which option you would prefer.

Will my hair dryer and tongs work?

Yes, Lulu is all set up for full-on glamping, as long as you’re at a campsite with a mains hook-up connection. You shall go to the ball!

What can I cook in a camper?

Your Welcome Pack has a recipe section full of ideas for camper friendly (and people-friendly) meals. If you’d like a taster, take a look at our Cooking Hints.

Where is the gas stored?

In a separate cupboard, away from the cooker (for safety). It’s propane which is widely available. We try to make sure there’s sufficient for your hire, but if it runs out and you need to replace the bottle at a campsite shop, filling station or Calor Gas outlet, please keep the receipt and we’ll reimburse you when you come back.

Should I bring food?

That’s up to you. We can give you a hamper (for an extra charge) to stock your fridge before you leave, so you can cook an evening meal and breakfast the following morning. Or you could bring your own cool box – we’ll have the fridge chilled ready for when you arrive. There isn’t masses of storage space, so we recommend small daily local shops; it also minimises waste and ensure you eat fresh every day.

Can I smoke in the van?

Thanks for asking, but no. She’s a smoke-free camper, but you’re never far from the great outdoors, where you’re usually allowed to light up!

What’s the booking process?

It’s all explained on our Hire Rates page.

What if I need to cancel the booking?

Please let us know as soon as possible. There may be charges for cancellation, depending on how soon your booking is due to start. Details of cancellation charges are on our Terms page.

What about cover for personal belongings and cancellation?

Our insurance provides fully comprehensive vehicle insurance for all named drivers. Unfortunately, this does not extend to contents cover. We recommend you take out separate holiday insurance to cover personal belongings, and in case you have to cancel.

What’s the security deposit for?

Simply to make sure the van and all the contents we provided come back in one piece. We’ll check after you’ve brought her back, and as long as it’s all present and correct, we’ll refund your deposit as quickly as possible – it should be with you about a week after your hire ends.

What do I do if something isn’t working?

There’s an instruction section in your camper Welcome Pack, so please check here first. If that doesn’t sort it, ring the mobile number that’s also in your Welcome Pack, and we’ll try to find the answer there and then.

What happens if I break down?

Check you haven’t run out of petrol (it sometimes gets overlooked in the holiday excitement). If that’s not the problem, call the AA. Your hire includes AA roadside and recovery membership, and the details will be in your Welcome Pack.

What happens if I have an accident?

Stay calm and make sure you’re in a safe place. If anyone’s injured, or if the vehicles are blocking the road or can’t be moved, call the police. Make sure you get the other driver’s name and address, and their vehicle’s registration number. Make a note of the time and date, the road where the accident happened and if there are any witnesses, take their names and addresses too. If the police attend, ask the officer(s) for their name and number.

The insurers will also need a description of the damage to all the vehicles and property involved, the estimated speed of all vehicles involved when the accident happened, the road markings, conditions and surface, the weather conditions and the visibility. Make a note of any marks on the road and any debris left by the accident, and how the other vehicle was being driven when the accident happened. Try to check who was wearing seat belts. Draw a sketch of the vehicles’ position on the before and after the accident. If you have a camera, take photographs.

Please phone us on the mobile number in your Welcome Pack and let us know as soon as possible.

Can we leave our car with you during the hire?

Yes of course, you’re welcome to leave your car with us while you’re touring. We have plenty of space alongside our family vehicles. Please note though that you leave your car at your own risk.

Why should I hire a VW camper?

You still need convincing? She’s a classic icon, she has lovable character, she’s serene as she wafts along country lanes, she’s cosy and comfy inside, everyone admires her, and she’ll make your holiday unforgettably wonderful!